Bhar el naam primary school

In our school we do manage time a all so obey our teachers and our fellow students all so.l will really like to thank UNHCR For they build it and employs many workers as possible the could have done to many countries in the world. And they have made many refugees to have a dream at study.So when they go back to they background/homeland they can achieve what God as plan for them.They can have great” jobs ” in there life

How life experience go’s

Im by the name Aluat Khot.Am a student from Bhar El Naam Girl primary school.I do study there.My hobby singing and dancing and when grow up. I will like to be musician/dancer.And oneday I can be maybe in God willingness .crazy God said anything you ask me I will offer /give you call me any where am near you/beside your future .so what I known or do God is beside me.And every step I take /foot step will be my future dream or life.it’s like the mountains and valleys

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